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– The Coffee Shop Story –

[ where hot coffee & warm conversation flow ]


our story

At The Coffee Shop, we welcome all to enter our doors and enjoy free Wi-Fi, a comfortable workspace, good entertainment, great food, and hot coffee. Our mission is to be a place where the salvation and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ can be shared lovingly and warmly with coffee and conversation. Above all and through all, The Coffee Shop will first and foremost be a place where someone can share about Him when the Spirit prompts. It will be a place where people can come and immediately feel at home.


our founders

Guy and Tammy married in 1986 and have two children, Garrett (29) and Tabitha (26). After spending almost five years as missionaries in West Africa and two years as house parents with the Tennessee Baptist Children’s Home, the Causey’s returned home to Humboldt, TN .

Guy, a retired educator of 26 years, and Tammy, a big dreamer, bought the building, now known as The Coffee Shop, on December 21, 2017. When Guy and Tammy decided to open The Coffee Shop, it was a decision only directed by God. For many years after serving as missionaries, there was prompting on Tammy’s heart to do more on a very intentional level to be His hands and feet “OUT LOUD”! She wanted to be content, but just couldn’t find rest in her spirit.

After a mission’s conference weekend at their church, Tammy knew this prompting wasn’t going away. While at the conference, she decided to attend a breakout session on “Transformational Business” by a missionary serving with the IMB. During this session, the missionary shared about his experience working in a coffee shop to share His story on a daily basis as opportunities presented themselves. By bedtime that night, Tammy felt, heard, and saw God asking her to go all in and open The Coffee Shop on Main St. in Humboldt. The next morning, she sat down at the kitchen table with a pen and paper and began to pray and take notes. Thus, The Coffee Shop was born.

From this moment, the Lord began to work as only He can. Tammy presented her vision and her heart to Guy, and he jumped on board. The Causey’s then began praying for a location, and meetings were set in place to view some buildings. The wheels were in motion and they weren’t stopping! Now the Causey’s are taking a leap together to do something “OUT LOUD”!


– The Coffee Shop Employees –

[ meet our coffee shop family ]



Born in Berea, OH., born again in New Orleans, LA., Bob got his first taste of missions when he went to Africa as a single man. It changed his worldview about the needs of people and he could no longer be satisfied with living a normal life. He took his family to West Africa by faith in 1999 and returned in 2013. Now, his three children, who all graduated from Union University, travel worldwide while he and his wife Amy maintain their desired haven in Humboldt, TN. She teaches 6th grade and Bob serves as interim pastor of Oaklawn Baptist Church in Jackson, TN. He loves to tell about his real home which is in heaven, and most of his pictures on his phone are of his new granddaughter, Leara.



A native of Humboldt, TN., Alyssa spent a few years as a student at Union University and has now joined The Coffee Shop as a barista. You will almost always find Alyssa behind the counter serving with a smile. Her specialty is a Cafe Mocha, but she also enjoys mixing up Blue Bell shakes! When she's not working, Alyssa enjoys creating and playing piano. 


Esther green

Esther is a native of Newport, Oregon, but has moved around throughout her life. After spending many years in Florida, she now calls Tennessee home. Esther is currently studying Student Ministries with South Western Assemblies of God University (SWAGU). You can find Esther in many roles at The Coffee Shop, but her favorite is crafting coffees for our guests. When she isn’t at The Coffee Shop, Esther enjoys coaching fine arts with her church youth group, reading, and writing.  


– The Coffee Shop Careers –



At The Coffee Shop our baristas prepare and serve hot or cold beverages, such as coffee, espressos, blended coffees, shakes, or teas. Baristas are also responsible for preparing and serving pastries and menu items such as muffins, biscotti, bagels, sandwiches, or salads. As a barista, you must demonstrate the use and care of retail equipment, utensils, and work space, as well as, provide customers with product details. Our baristas will have knowledge of receiving and processing customer payments, and will display an outgoing personality, provide excellent customer service, work well under pressure, and pay attention to detail. 


At The Coffee Shop our cooks prepare all shop menu items using standard facility equipment ensuring quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. Cooks assume the responsibility for the quality of the products prepared and served. As a cook, you must maintain cleanliness of The Coffee Shop to meet and exceed Health Department standards for cleanliness, food handling, and sanitation. Our cooks will monitor stocks of ingredients and food items, and assists with the preparation of inventory supply orders, as well as, receive delivered food supplies. As an employee of The Coffee Shop, our cooks will display an outgoing personality, provide excellent customer service, work well under pressure, and pay attention to detail. 


Interested in any of the positions listed above?  Please take a second to download and fill out our employment application. When you're finished, email your resume and application to